Friday 10th May

Today at Forest school, we played a game where one person hides a ball and the others have to find it. We also created art on the ground by using items we found. After that it started to rain and we played another game under the shelter.
Written by the members of Forest school.

By the Forrest school students

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Thursday 28th March

Today we learned about mythical flower trolls and where they might live in our school. In order to understand these trolls and who they really are, we created models of what we thought they looked like out of mud, clay and anything we could find!
After this we created scarves/hats for the troll models out of string.
By the Forrest school students

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Thursday 7th March

Today we focused on creating art out of woodland material. We could choose whether we dug into the ground, created a 3D sculpture or created a picture on the surface. It got really muddy but we had fun doing it. We then played some games including Marco Polo and other versions of hide and seek.

By the Forrest school students

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Thursday 28th February

We had 2 caution signs and placed them where dangers are in the wildlife. We were then put into pairs and one person had a blindfold on, the other person led them to a tree. They had to feel the details for that tree, spin around it 5 times, take the blindfold off and guess what they had felt. We had lots of fun and can't wait for next week!
By the Forrest school students

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