Our Vision

Our school motto is “In God’s eyes we believe, achieve and aspire!”

Following the example of God, we encourage our school family to be thoughtful, resilient and reflective individuals so that everyone will be happy, feel safe, loved and supported.

Our vision, in an ever- changing world, is to ensure everyone reaches their full potential through aspirational opportunities and a supportive, Christian learning environment.



We are encouraged to believe in ourselves and develop a tolerance of others through the Christian values of joy, forgiveness, hope, love and resilience. (Joseph story)


Our exciting and engaging curriculum provides learning opportunities that we look forward to every day. We achieve well because of the supportive learning environment.


We will have aspirations for our futures by becoming independent and confident individuals; prepared for the future, with a belief that we can be whoever we want to be.



St. Laurence provides children with an engaging and lively education where each child is nurtured in a caring, safe environment supported by Christian values. As a Christian school, we encourage children to be thoughtful, reflective individuals who are confident enough to step out of their comfort zone and embrace every opportunity. We are a welcoming and inclusive school that offers support and care to pupils, families and staff. St. Laurence school family has strong links with the local church and its community. Pupils have a clear understanding of British values and what it means to contribute positively to society. Children leave our school ready for the next stage of their education and excited about the future.