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Friday 12th JulyIMG 0584IMG 0589

We made Greek pots with all different kinds of patterns this week. Some pots had lids and others had handles.

On Friday we had Pizza in the outdoor classroom, it was delicious.


Friday 5th July

In music this week, we have been recording the songs we have learnt throughout the year. In ICT, we typed up our qualifications and found out lots about jobs and the skills you need to do them.

By Leah and Laila


Friday 28th JuneIMG 0548

Hi, we are going to tell you all about the brilliant things we did at sports day and we will tell you about Kidenza. During the morning of sports day, we did many different activities including javelin, shotput, basketball, football, skip and jump. In the afternoon, we took part in all our races. Earth House finished in first place overall.

On Friday, we went to a brilliant concert called Kidenza where we listened to Ann Bryant reading us a story of Peter and the Timber Wolf. There was lots of lovely music played during the story.

By Leah and Laila


Friday 21st JuneIMG 0311

We had fun this week creating Islamic art using shapes and lines. Some members of the class attended a Maths competition at Christchurch, our teams finished 3rd and 4th.




Friday 14th JuneIMG 0500

Year 5 visited Chatham and Clarendon House for a STEAM day this week. We made rock cakes in food technology, panning for gold in science and key fob and t-shirt creation in DT and art. Everyone had a wonderful time.


IMG 0061

Friday 7th June

In literacy we are writing letters to Aldi about our absorbent kitchen towel science investigation. In guided reading, we are now reading 'A wrinkle in time'.

By Leah and Laila


Friday 17th May

Hi, we are back with Leah and Laila. In this blog, we will be telling you about literacy and Dover Museum.

In literacy, we are planning to write a diary entry about the day the Iron Man reappeared from the hole.

At Dover Museum we looked at a 3,600-year-old boat, we also watched a video telling us all about it. The favourite part of the trip was the drama workshop.



Friday 10th May

IMG 0019

In maths we have been learning about percentages and decimals. We are learning how to write a diary entry about the Iron Man in literacy. Our science investigation this week involved us wrapping a cold bottle of water in different materials and measuring the temperature every 20 minutes.


By Leah and Laila



Friday 7th May

IMG 0043

IMG 0041

We are going to tell you what we have been up to this last week. In Science we made electric circuits to find out if certain materials could conduct electricity. In Maths we are finding the product of a fraction and a whole. We are using the bar model to help us with this.

By Leah and Laila


Friday 26th April

Last time we created a blog our class was known as 5D, but now we are 5E as Mr Duffy has left and Mrs Ellis is now our class teacher.

By Leah and Laila


Friday 1st March

Hi, we are back with Leah and Laila and today we will be talking about swimming and maths.

Today we are going swimming as part of our P.E. curriculum and it is really fun but, be careful!

In Maths we are learning about fractions. We are changing mixed numbers to improper fractions. We also are changing improper fractions to mixed numbers.

By Leah and Laila


Friday 8th February2000px Planets2013.svg

Hi, we are back with Leah and Laila.

In science, we are learning about the solar systems and the planets in space. We have recently learnt about cartouches in topic and how the Egyptians used them.

In literacy we are making leaflets to persuade people to visit Egypt. We are learning about fractions in maths and what equivalent fractions are.

By Leah and Laila


Friday 25th January

Hi, it's Leah and Laila back with our blog.

In music, we are learning how to play the ukulele with our music teacher Mrs Keen.

In GPS, we have been learning about commas and how to use them for reading and writing. This includes using commas for lists and to separate clauses. We have also been learning how to build a pyramid and writing instructions to explain how.

In RE, we found out about Moses and the burning bush fire. We also learnt how he sent 10 plagues to the Pharaoh to help free the spaces.

By Leah and Laila

Friday 18th January

Hi, we are back with Leah and Laila. This week we will tell you what we have done in a couple of lessons including maths, English, maths, PE and guided reading.

In PE, we are doing football and gymnastics on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.

In maths, we are learning about multiplication and division. We having been multiplying by 1 and 2 digit numbers using a column method.

In English we are writing adventure stories about 3 children going to Egypt to place a jar back in its rightful place.

In guided reading we are using a poem called "The shadow" by Robert Louis Stevenson and answering questions about it.

By Leah and Laila
Friday 11th January

This term we have Leah and Laila doing the 5D blog.book 5d

In English, we planning to write adventure stories based on the book "Secrets of the sun king" by Emma Carroll which is our class story book.

In maths we are learning about area and how calculate the area through calculations and counting of squares.


Friday 11th DecemberIMG 2824

Last week, we went to the Marlowe Theatre and saw Cinderella. If we had to review it, it would be 10/10 because it was excellent. Next year the panto is "Mother Goose".

We have also been planning and writing fact files all about "Tutankhamun". Did you know that he became Pharaoh at 9 years of age?

By Amie and Leah
Friday 30th NovemberIMG 0454

In art we are learning to draw self portraits because we will be making our own Egyptian masks. We are also learning an Egyptian dance to a Michael Jackson song.

Next week on we are going to watch the panto in Canterbury.Children can bring a home packed lunch or have school dinner as normal but no fizzy drinks or sweets are allowed. Please make sure your letter is brought back to school and we hope to be back by 4.30pm.

By Amie and Leah


Friday 23rd November

Hi, we're back with this week's blog.

In maths, we're learning about multiplication and division. We have also learnt about factors and prime numbers where we have had to times and divide.

In literacy, we watched some silent films by Charlie Chaplin and created our own scene from Hotel Transylvania 3.

In RE, we have been thinking about whether Jesus was the messiah for the Jews. What do you think?

By Amie and Leah
Friday 16th November

In science we are learning how much force is needed to pull a weight across different surfaces.

We are currently learning how to play tag rugby in PE but haven't yet played a full match. We are hoping some coaches from Chatham House will be joining us in term 3 to help with our learning.

In music we have been playing the ukele with Mrs Keen.

During maths this week, we have learnt to draw graphs and used laptops to create line graphs and bar charts.

By Amie and Leah


Friday 9th November

Hi, we are back with Amie and Leah. Remember we are going to the cinema next Tuesday, and next Friday is the family bingo night.

In maths, we are learning about graphs but a few of us having been making silly mistakes when reading line graphs.

We have also been learning about Tutankhamun and Howard Carter, who found his tomb. We have done some research using ipads and will be writing newspaper reports very soon.

Some children have made butterflies to remember loved ones who are no longer with us. We have put them in the peace garden as a sign of remembrance.

By Amie and Leah


Friday 2nd November 2018IMG 2752

Hi, we are back for term 2. This term we will be going to the Vue cinema and also the Marlowe Theatre on school trips.
On Friday, we had a DT day and made boats which we could take home.

Next week the school will be selling poppies and other items related to Remembrance Day. If you have any spare change, please send it in with your child so they can buy a poppy.

By Amie and Leah


Friday 19th October 2018IMG 0437

Hi, we are back with Amie and Leah this time.
In PE we have been learning ball skills such as bounce passes, chest passes and shooting.
In maths we have been learning about addition and subtraction. We are also learning to work mentally and have used number lines to help us.
We have a new child in our class (Jamie) and he has been working very hard since joining us. We don't have any homework this week because it is half term next week. Please remember to bring your PE kits back in after half term.

By Amie and Ellen


Friday 11th October 2018

Hi, we are back, but this time we have Leah and Ellen because Amie is poorly, so Ellen is helping out.
This week Ellen is leaving. She is a great role model to the school. She is leaving on Friday and we will all miss her a lot!
The school disco is this Friday, it will be so much fun and there will be sweets, lights, glow sticks, crisps, drinks and an excellent DJ. We can't wait!

By Amie and Ellen


IMG 0436
Friday 5th October 2018

This week we have been working on our class book "Wreck of the Zanzibar" which is about Billy and Laura Perryman. We have written letters about Laura and Billy.

On 4th October, we had national poetry day and pupils read poems in front of the whole school during the afternoon. We also celebrated "America Day" at lunchtime, eating burgers, quorn dogs and hotdogs.
This year our school councillors are Lalia and Mason because they're very nice people and they haven't been chosen before.

By Amie and Leah

DT term 2


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