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Friday 7th December

This week Year 5 went to the Pantomime to watch Cinderella. We are writing about it next week in our Literacy lessons. When we were on the train we got to sit and talk to our partners. When we got there we were listening to Christmas music, had our picture taken outside by the Christmas tree, ate our lunch and watched the show. We sat in the upper circle which was very high. At the end it was upsetting. Poor Buttons didn't get the girl.

Riley, Keisha, Issiah & Sophie.
Friday 30th November5m class

We are starting to get busier as Christmas gets closer. This week we have finished our Christmas trees that are decorating our class hoop in the hall. Our hymn was 'Oh Christmas Tree'.
On Wednesday, a few of us stayed late in school to help Mrs Mountjoy show off our classroom and what we do in year 5. Well done Emese, Riley, Sophie and Charlie for representing 5M.
Next week will be even more exciting as we are going to watch the Panto in Canterbury! Oh no you aren't.... Oh yes we are!

5M bloggers
Friday 16th Novemberblog pic

This week everyone has been taking part in Recycling Week. Year 5 have been doing PowerPoints about recycling, asking questions about why we recycle and looking at the data. We have used ICT a lot to help us to do this, designing PowerPoints and graphs to represent the data. On Friday, we made posters to encourage people to recycle in school.

Keisha and Isiah


Friday 9th November

This week in Year 5 we are learning about Ancient Egypt in Topic. We looked at the different jobs during that time and their job descriptions. We matched up the different job and had to write a little letter with a reason for which job we would like and why we wanted that job. ​ We also watched a video about an explorer, Tadeo Jones. We had to write a recount from his point of view, thinking about his movements and feelings.

On Friday, we watched a video about WW1 and the soldiers that have died for us. We are thankful for everyone that fought for us.

By Sophie, Riley and​ Keisha

Friday 2nd NovemberSun King

This week in English 5M are reading the book 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Carroll. Over the past few days we have been writing newspaper reports on Egypt based on the book. We highlighted and looked at real newspapers and identified the different features.

On Friday we designed and made ships, thinking about our book from last term 'The Wreck of the Zanzibar'.

Riley and Keisha


Thursday 18th OctoberPhoto 18 10 2018 2 24 11 pm

We visited the church for our RE lesson this week. We all went and drew pictures of the church features. Some of us drew the stained glass windows and some focused on the lectern. I enjoyed drawing the cross and Riley enjoyed drawing the Lectern. We also looked at the altar and choir stalls.

By Riley and Keisha
Friday 12th October

This week in Year 5 (5M) we were looking at the main features of a church. The features we looked at were:5m church work
· The Lectern
· Choir stalls
· Organ
· Pulpit
· Stain glass windows
· Pews
· Altar
· Font
The Lectern is the place where you get bread and wine for Holy Communion. We pray to give our messages to God. Next week we are visiting the church to look at these features some more.

By Riley and Keisha
Friday 5th October 2018

This week in Literacy in 5M, we are writing about The Wreck of the Zanzibar. Next week we are going to be writing diaries about it. On Thursday, it was National Poetry Day so we have been writing poems about Change (like seasons) as well as working on The Wreck of the Zanzibar.
So far in the story, the two twins Billy and Lauren have been separated because Billy went away with Joseph Hannibal to travel around the world to explore but Laura didn't bring Billy . This book is set in 1907 and to find out more about the story you will have to wait until you are in year 5!

By Riley and Keisha

IMG 00301  IMG 00291  IMG 00271


Term 2 - BBC liveIMG 1589

5M took part in a BBC live lesson to celebrate the WW1 centenary. They had to produce their own haikus to help us say Thank you and remember those who fought and died.


Term 2 - Laptops

5M used the laptops this week to research and produce PowerPoints to try to encourage people to recycle.

IMG 1596 IMG 1594 IMG 1595


Term 1 - Church visit

Photo 18-10-2018, 2 14 49 pm
Photo 18-10-2018, 2 14 49 pm
Photo 18-10-2018, 2 24 11 pm
Photo 18-10-2018, 2 24 11 pm
Photo 18-10-2018, 2 26 21 pm
Photo 18-10-2018, 2 26 21 pm


5M science term 1


5M have been using the iPads to locate counties in the UK.

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