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Curriculum Intent Statement

The aim of our curriculum is to provide opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident, successful learners with high aspirations who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society. There is a high focus on developing children’s moral, spiritual, social and cultural understanding within a Christian ethos.

Our curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure coverage and progression with frequent opportunities to embed prior learning. It provides pupils with memorable experiences, in addition to diverse and rich opportunities from which children can learn and develop a range of transferable skills. The focus of our curriculum is to raise aspirations, create a sense of personal pride in achievement, and provide a purpose and relevance for learning. As we serve a community where there is a high percentage of disadvantaged pupils, we provide activities that children may not otherwise experience. We recognise that the children need a sense of valuing themselves, while also developing aspirations for their future and for their community. The children's own community is frequently used as a starting point for engaging interest.

To promote physical health and wellbeing, a range of extra-curricular clubs gives learners an opportunity to access a variety of clubs after school hours. Our PSHE scheme (Primary Edge) provides children with opportunities to discuss and learn about personal health, wellbeing, safety, relationships (including anti-bullying work), differences and aspirations.  Our curriculum empowers our children to become positive citizens of society by offering our children the chance to raise questions, discuss important issues, learn to listen to others’ views and share their own thoughts. Our diversity work helps children to realise that everyone is special and unique and we should celebrate and embrace differences.


At least 50 things a pupil will experience from the curriculum at St Laurence

  • See a show at a theatre
  • Visit Canterbury Cathedral
  • Make a volcano
  • Learn about different careers
  • Take part in a carol service
  • Go on local visits in our mini-bus
  • Dress up as a book character
  • Take part in a magic and mystery week
  • Visit Ramsgate Tunnels
  • Take the school dog for a walk
  • Have artwork displayed in the local community
  • Sample a variety of different foods from around the world
  • Have opportunities for cooking and designing menus
  • Learn how to be a scientist
  • Take part in kayaking and abseiling
  • Make their own raft to carry people across a lake
  • Learn how to code using a range of technology
  • Take part in a production
  • Go on a residential trip
  • Visit a fire- station
  • Lead a church service
  • Learn to play at least four musical instruments
  • Fund raise for charities
  • Create a museum exhibition
  • Learn about Japan and to speak some Japanese
  • Take part in the British Film festival
  • Make a film
  • Plan, design and make an Anglo- Saxon house
  • Visit different places of worship
  • Opportunities to try new sports
  • Learn about different religions and their beliefs
  • Learn from the outside environment
  • Sample life during World War II
  • Take part in a democratic election
  • Take part in an archaeological dig
  • Take part in science/art activities at a secondary school
  • Learn to swim four different strokes of at least 25m
  • Dress up as a WWII evacuee
  • Take part in the Bike-ability challenge
  • Meet a real author
  • Learn to speak French
  • Create a computer game
  • Learn historical facts about their local area
  • Take part in QR code hunts
  • Take part in a science challenge between local schools
  • Experience a maths challenge with pupils from other schools
  • Take part in local art competitions
  • Take part in an Enterprise Day
  • Visit an Art Gallery