On the 27th November Year 6 went to Kent Life and took part in Evacuee Experiences, Dig for Victory and much more. We had to dress up as evacuees from World War II to make the experience feel more realistic.


Evacuee ExperienceIMG 0522

The 3rd activity we took part in was called Evacuee Experience. We got picked by one of three teachers (I got picked by Mrs Keeley) and then we wrote letters to our parents. I lived in a bakery when I was evacuated.



IMG 0544 2
Home Guard

In the Home Guard room, we learnt to stand like soldiers, how to stand in formation and at ease, how to salute and we had the opportunity to hold a rifle. Luckily, it was not loaded, so no-one got hurt!



RAF Navigation

In this experience the leader tricked us into doing a maths lesson (which was really plotting a flight path) but it was enjoyable at the same time. We learnt how radars worked and how they connected to the planes. 


IMG 0485

The ARP experience was one I will never forget. We had to pass a bucket up and down the line to put out a fire. They set an air raid siren off so we all evacuated.



Bus!IMG 0537

The last thing you would expect to see at a ww2 place is a double decker bus! Well we got to go on one and were given a talk from an old driver on his bus called Molly. Ellesse was particularly lucky, as she got given an old bus ticket by the driver.




Dig for VictoryIMG 0485

This was our second to last activity. The man pretended to be dealing on the black market and tried to sell us gloves made of rabbit fur. After this, he taught us about the importance of growing your own crops and using all of the animal. He was very funny and had us all laughing!