Term 3 Theme: Forces and Fairy tales
Key Text: Boudica’s Army and Traditional Tales
Literacy – Recounts, debates and imaginative story telling
Maths – Number including Multiplication and Division
Science – Forces
History – The Iron Age
PE – Dance and Tag Rugby
DT – Designing and making a vehicle
RE – Christianity- The Trinity
PSHE – E-safety and organisation


Literacy- Diary entry- surviving Pompeii, Narrative Drama – Vikings, Poetry- Haiku/ Cinquains Earthquakes/ Volcanoes
Maths- Multiplication and Division, area, fractions, decimals
Science- States of Matter – solids, liquids and gases
ICT- Repetition and Loops, composing
PE- Hockey (Monday), Gym (Friday)
Geography- What are volcanoes, what is the ring of fire, what effect do volcanoes have on the world around them?
RE- Christianity- What kind of world did Jesus want?
Art/DT- Pioneering Places Project, Volcano Models
History- What happened to the Anglo Saxons? Viking raids, Alfred the Great and Edward the Confessor
PSHE- Organisation and Initiative


Literacy- Adventure stories, biographies and instructional writing.
Maths- Multiplication, division and fractions.
Science- Earth and space
Topic – Ancient Egypt
RE – The people of God
ICT- Coding programmes using coordinates, speed and direction and basic software skills
PE- Football and gymnastics


Literacy- Core texts- ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo & ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ by Michelle Magorian. We will be exploring a variety of genres such as letter writing, diary entries, narrative and poetry.

Maths- Place Value, 4 Rules of Number, Fractions & Geometry

Science- Electricity & Classification

Computing – Online Safety & Computer Coding

PE- Netball & Gymnastics

Geography- Japan. Map work relating to countries involved in WW2. Finding out about the axis and allies.

RE- Creation and Science: Conflicting or Complimentary

Art/DT- WW2 propaganda posters. Sketching of WW2 aircrafts. Designing and making an Anderson shelter and gas mask.

History- WW2: Outbreak of War, everyday life, the Blitz, the holocaust, evacuation & rationing.

PSHE- New Beginnings