Key Text: The Apprentice (playscript), Matilda, The Gruffalo

Literacy – Exploring play scripts, recounts and narrative writing

Maths – Number including Multiplication and Division

Science – Light

History – The Stone Age

PE – Dance and Football/Netball

Art – Production props/scenery, Christmas artwork

DT – Making a healthy snack & designing a photo frame

RE – Sikhism / Christmas

PSHE – My mind, communication and e-safety



Literacy- Research and note taking- Sutton Hoo, recount of the archaeological dig, narrative writing based on Early Man, Missing Person Poster and Alternative Ending based on Cinderella

Maths- Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Science- Electricity – exploring circuits and the hazards of electricity

ICT- exploring coding

PE- Hockey (Monday), Dance (Tuesday)

Geography- Where is Sutton Hoo? Map work, labelling and keys

RE- Christianity- what is the Trinity?

Art/DT- Sketching of artefacts/objects- Sutton Hoo finds, RE link to classic depictions of the Christmas story- Gerrard van Honthorst; Botticelli

History- Archaeological dig, What are archaeologists? What do they do? How does what they do help us learn about different periods in time? What do we know about our local history?
What might we find evidence of in the school grounds? How are artefacts presented in museums to help educate us about different periods in history? Artefacts found on our own dig to be presented in a St Laurence museum

PSHE- Anti-bullying Week, Growth Mindset



Literacy- Core text - Michael Morpurgo – The wreck of the Zanzibar
- Descriptive writing
- Letter writing
- Diary writing
- Narrative story creation

Maths- Place value- the value of digits in 4, 5 and 6 digit numbers. Comparing and ordering numbers. Roman numerals up to 1000. Rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000. Mental and written methods to add and subtract numbers.

Science- Forces in action

PE- Basketball/netball skills and dance.

ICT- Word processing

Geography- A case study of the United Kingdom

RE- GOD – What does it mean if God is loving and holy?

PSHE- New beginnings- Class rules; how to foster a positive learning environment- how to manage difficult situations. Introducing mindfulness.


Literacy- Core texts- ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo & ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ by Michelle Magorian. We will be exploring a variety of genres such as letter writing, diary entries, narrative and poetry.

Maths- Place Value, 4 Rules of Number, Fractions & Geometry

Science- Electricity & Classification

Computing – Online Safety & Computer Coding

PE- Netball & Gymnastics

Geography- Japan. Map work relating to countries involved in WW2. Finding out about the axis and allies.

RE- Creation and Science: Conflicting or Complimentary

Art/DT- WW2 propaganda posters. Sketching of WW2 aircrafts. Designing and making an Anderson shelter and gas mask.

History- WW2: Outbreak of War, everyday life, the Blitz, the holocaust, evacuation & rationing.

PSHE- New Beginnings